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R Adult Calendars imprinted

Imprinted Adult Calendars on Sale!


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Adult Wall Calendars, Beautiful Playmate Calendars & Sexy Stick-On calendars, We have Low minimums and great prices! Early orders secure stock and lowest prices!


Caution: The more your scroll down, the sexier they get!

Press-N-Stick™ Girls Calendars 2014

With the best prices on the Internet and low minimums, choose one or more of these Press-N-Stick™ favorites!

• 12 Different pictures
• Vinyl header with adhesive back
• Multiple vinyl header shapes and colors
• Custom vinyl shapes available - call for pricing
• Made in the U.S.A.

Colors: Solid Colors - yellow, purple, Canadian blue, grey, red, orange, forest, navy, black, Kelly, royal, brown, teal, beige, burgundy, white, silver gold, pink, recycled black; Translucent - blue, lime, orange, purple, teal emerald, red, black

Sizes: 3"w x 6-1/4"h • Imprint Area 2"w x 1"h (based on shape)  more shapes link

Initial setup: $21.00 • Production Time: 10 working days

Sunshine Girls •  Built in the USA • Biker Babes • Maiden America • 2014

150     250     500       1000   

87¢    79¢     65¢       60¢  each

Expires: 12/31/13


Sunshine Girls           Built in the USA                 Biker Babes            Maiden America

Click above for links to see all the months!  1ordernow.gif

                                Dream Girls  ←click for full year pictures→  Hot Buns


Same as above options.

150     250       500        1000

98¢     90¢       76¢       70¢  each!

Expires: 12/31/13  Still selling 2014 Dream Girls!


Here's one for the Ladies!

   "Male Call" Calendar

Click image for 2014 Male Images


   Expires: 12/31/13


Got a lot to say?

Super Size Your Press-n-Stick Calendar! Same great photos, just a larger vinyl top Add your logo, a second location or list of services!

All vinyl pad Press-N-Stick™shapes are in our:

Press-n-Stick Calendars Page LINK!

Combined pricing for the same artwork on all Press-N-Stick™ Calendars!

New for 2014! 

Peel-N-Stick® Calendars! 1ordernow.gif




Click Picture for Complete Year Preview!

Just choose one of many styles of custom headers in the links below and we'll do the rest!

Calendar Sizes: 3"wide x 4"high (with-out header) • Imprint Area: (based on shape) see shapes link!

Initial setup: $21.00 • Production Time: 10 working days

*ColorRich™ prices above are only available on designs featuring rectangular header. Full bleeds not available, stock designs below.

Custom Vinyl Header LINK.

ColorRich™ Header LINK.

Peel-N-Stick Vinyl Calendar with Pictures

150+     250+    500+      1000+ 

86¢      81¢       79¢       74¢ each!

ColorRich™ Calender Header with Pictures

150+    250+     500+     1000+

$1.37  $1.33    $1.19    $1.11 each!

Expires: 12/31/13


Centerfold calendar with 12 tasteful photos of beautiful women. Calendar pad has large easy-to-read numbers. An extended back sheet and white spiral wire binding are standard. Best seller!  Made in USA.

Size: 8" x 14" • Imprint area: 6 3/4" x 1 1/2"

Price includes: Black imprint in one location.

2014 Centerfold Calendar

Item# #2038

       Minimum           199+     299+    499+     999+        

                              $3.45   $3.15    $2.93    $2.53   

sold out


Special Pricing on this stapled adult calendar in appointment style. This one will sell out fast! Thirteen beautiful swimsuit models are featured in "Les Girls 2014"A great calendar and a great price! This style can be combined with other select calendars with a 50 piece minimum per style. Get some for your friends, some for the ladies and some for the families of your business!  2014 Wall Calendars page!

Size: 10 5/8"x 18" open • 10 5/8"x 10" closed • Imprint area: 9" x 1 1/2"

Price includes black imprint in one location. 

Item# 2037

150 (minimum)            250+                  500+

98¢ each                     91¢ each           84¢ each

Sold Out


Add beauty and spark to your promotion with thirteen alluring models that will steal your heart every day of the year. Quality, recycled gloss stock, 13 month pad in full-color.

Size: 10 7/8" x18" open • 10 7/8" x 10" closed

Price includes black imprint in one location. 

Initial set-up charge $20.00

Imprint area 10" x 1 5/8". Optional two-color imprint add 15¢ each. Full-color imprint available at 20¢ additional and has 300 piece minimum.

Stapled (prices shown) • Spiral Bound add14¢ each

Item #2038

                              150 minimum     300+     750+        1000+       2500+

                                $1.91            $1.45      $1.39       $1.25       $1.21 each

Sold out!


2014 Building Babes calendar, monthy. Great for contractors showing off the new crew.

Size: 10 5/8" x18.5" open

Price includes black imprint in one location. No set-up charge for black ink.

Imprint area 10" x 1 1/4". Optional color imprint additional.

Item #2031

150 minimum          300+              500+

  $1.37 each        $1.17 each      $1.05 each

Sold out!




←Click picture to view entire year!









Sweet Dreams Appointment Calendar 2014

Your clients are sure to have "sweet dreams" all year with this beautiful Adult Calendar. These stunning beauties are posed in provocative positions- Sweet, very sweet!

Size:11 ½” x 18” Open • 11 ½” x 10” Closed  • Imprint Area: 10 ½” x 1 ½”

Price includes black imprint at bottom of calendar.

Free set-up!

Item #2033

Stapled                       150+      300+      500+    1000+      2500+

                                   $2.06    $1.67      $1.51     $1.39      $1.26 each


                                   $2.63    $2.26     $1.96      $1.77      $1.59 each

Ask about our Mix N Match Styles!

Expires: When sold out!



Turn up the heat with these swimsuit models to keep your clients thinking of summer all year! Stitch and trim type binding, fourteen sheet 2014 drop ad appointment calendar with various photos of swimsuit models.

Open size is 11" x 19" - Closed size is 11" x 10 1/2".

Price includes: Black imprint in area of 9" x 1.5" at bottom of calendar in black.

Swimsuit Model Calendar imprinted  

Item #2043

300+ minimum  •   Price  $1.70 each

Expires when sold out! 


Want to share a romantic secret? Your clients will love that you shared this secret with them! Stunning & Provocative, this sexy swimsuit calendar whispers distracting thoughts all year!

300+ minimum  •  - $1.70 each 

Expires when sold out!


Hold on to your hats fellas! Great in the garage or on the hunting club wall. Stitch and trim type binding, with fourteen sheets of various photos of smokin' hot lingerie models.

Large-Open-Size:  9" x 19" 

Price includes black imprint in area of 8" x 2" at top of calendar.

Lingerie Model Calendar

Item #2035

Spiral                           100        250+      500+      750+    

                                  $8.33     $7.34     $6.95    $6.65 each

Stock left, Order Today!


new_small Mini Instant View Calendar, Size: 7" x 9 1/2" A nice sized full year pin-up calendar! Our lowest priced calendar in this selective market!

Price includes Free set-up 1st color! 

 Imprint area: 7" x 9 1/2" (minus calendar grid)

Production: 7  working days

2014 Mini Instant View Calendar

Item# 2034m

  250      500    750      1000

$1.10     93¢    85¢     79¢ each   

Expires when sold out - order today!


Naughty Girls! This one your mother will not approve of ! A large 11" x 17" size.  Two months on each page-6 pages. Gorgeous models on this adult pin-up calendar with your imprint on every page. Binding is tinned at top.

Price includes free initial set up of 1st imprint color.  

Generous imprint area 10.5" wide x 2.5" high. LOW minimum!

Production: 7-10  working days  

Item# 2034

                           50         100        250        500       1000


                          $7.95     $6.10     $5.46     $5.11      $4.84 each      

Expires when sold out - order today!   


More Girls 2014!


Oh MY- More Girls! One of North America's most popular Men's calendars! Twelve stunning models that your clients will love, but your wife will shake her head at! This adult calendar is certain to draw attention to your message throughout the entire year.

Size: 10" x 17 1/2" (25 x 44 cm) • Imprint area: 8" x 1 3/8"

Price includes a black imprint and FREE SET-UP!

Item #2036

                           50         100        250         500         1000

                          $9.95     $7.95     $7.85       $7.45      $6.95 each

Expires when sold out - order today!

playboy logo


  Playboy® 2014 Calendar

playboy-calendar-2014      1ordernow.gif 

Yes, this is the official 2014 Playboy® Pinup Calendar of the promotional industry! These are the "Gold Standard" in pin up adult calendars and appeal to male oriented businesses with these tasteful nude photos. Each month features a Playful Playmate keep this calendar from going cold all year long! Probably saved after the year is over too!

Available in TWO Sizes:

Calendar Size left: 9" wide x 19" high playboy logo  Size right: 9" wide 13" high

Imprint area left: 8" wide x 2" high   playboy logo  Imprint area right: 3" wide 2" high

Calendar left: minimum     100+      250+      500+       1000+

                                        $9.55     $8.55     $8.00       $7.67 each!

Calendar right: minimum    100      250+       500+       1000+

                                        $6.15     $5.78     $5.66       $5.28 each!

Expires:12/31/13  (Sure to sell out- so order early!)


Holy Smokes Batman! The beautiful women just keep coming! This 2014 Mystique Pinup Adult Calendar and Mystique Stick Up Calendar is available for your wall or truck dashboard. 

The large wall calendar features spiral bounding and 12 mysterious models sure to grab your customers attention every single day. The press n stick version features the same images, but smaller for easy mailing and all your guy friends and clients who live on the road.


Size: Wall calendar: 9" wide x 19" high ♦  Imprint area: 8" x 2"

Mystique Spiral Calendar

Item # 2042

Calendar minimum:     50+     100+     250+     500+     1000+

                                 $7.98   $6.86   $6.47    $6.16     $5.77 each!

Mystique Press N Stick

Item # 2042SU 

  3"w x 6"h with Vinyl Adhesive top

Vinyl Shapes: Barn, Car, Circle, Coffee Cup, Grocery Bag, Half Circle, Heart, House, Money, Pestle, Propane Truck, Rectangle, Ribbon, Semi Truck, Smiley Face, Square, Steer, Telephone, Thank You, Tractor, Van, Wrecker

Calendar                     150+        250+       500+       1000+

                                  $1.51      $1.42      $1.39       $1.07 each!

  Last Year's Sold Out in October~  Order Today!


Here's a calendar after your heart and all you desire. The Desire  Calendar for 2014 is the riskiest calendar on the market. Your mother will scold you. Your wife or girlfriend will appreciate your good mood when you return home after looking at these desirable beauties all day! 

Spiral or stapled with large imprint area. Price includes one color imprint in one location. 

Item #2039 Spiral

Size: 10" wide x 19" high ♦  Imprint area: 9" x 1.25"

                                      100+      250+      500+     750+     1000+

                                    $3.93     $3.42     $3.25       $2.95    $2.83 each!

Stapled Item #2039 Stapled

                                       100+       250+     500+       750+

                                    $3.75        $3.35     $3.12      $2.80 each!

  Last Year's Sold Out Middle of October~ Order Today!




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