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Power Banks are Portable Chargers in a High Tech World!

I know you've had this happen; you look down at your device and have one bar left! Yikes! You're about to run out of power and your world will come crashing down! The panic sets in. The frantic search begins to find a place to recharge – immediately!

PowerBanks - Portable Chargers - Cell Phone Chargers - Device Chargers

High Tech: Employing, requiring, or involved in high technology. 

Part of being a true promotional product adviser is staying on top of current trends and new products for our clients.

Now that the big shows for our industry is over, it's time to recap the most popular and trendy promotional items for 2014.

Hands down, anything to do with your electronics and technology, cell phone, computer or tablet are the big winners! I seriously doubt that this is just a trend as this is the "high tech world" we live in. We're always on the go and always need to be in touch!


Surely this is why this was the number one new product at all of the shows – the PowerBank! Think of what a lifesaver you will be to your clients, when you hand them a PowerBank with your logo imprinted on it! It goes without saying that you'll take one from your order for your own personal use.


Rechargeable portable power bank's lithium polymer battery offers backup power for your mobile phone, tablet or other digital device. Plug your device's charging cable into the USB port to charge.

One of the cutest designs is this little guy, the ultimate 21st-century promotional tool! Robo PowerBank, a clever robot design with adjustable arms and legs, Li-polymer battery, 2000 mAh, power status LED indicator, adapters for USB and micro USB plus 5 pin and USB female included. Measuring 5 1/2" x 2 1/3" x 5/8", it's compatible with Windows and Mac OS and gives 3 to 4 hours of charge time.


Already, there's almost 100 styles of Power Banks available in the promotional industry, with more being added daily! While the Power Bank is certainly not the cheapest promotional item in our industry, it is certainly the most essential. You'll be a "lifesaver" for years to come with your clients and employees when you incorporate the PowerBank into your promotional advertising!


#1 new product! Great desirable promotional product: portable phone chargers or power banks, tested and ready for clients eager for new technology!

Trust Promoz to get it right!


     Like our motto says:

     "Essential Products, Exceptional Service"

     Cyndi Stout, Promotional Products Specialist

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Cell Phone Portable Chargers & Power Banks On Sale!


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