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Trade Show Ideas

Trade Show Ideas!

Ideas that work for trade shows from a promotional specialist, you’ll discover that we are different! Our job is to help you make your advertising dollars effective without blowing the budget!

For Trade Show Success!

Here's a display of our own. We did this at the American Society for Quality Convention. And my friends at the Audit Division invited me to the Denver Trade Show, for the ASQ Conference.

Here's some of the comments we received:

  • "We tried to get to your booth on Monday & Tuesday, but it was so crowded, we thought we would try again today!"
  • "Your booth was the most fun!"
  • "Obviously you guys know what your doing with promotional products & trade shows. I mean I have never seen a booth at any trade show that had 30-40 people waiting to get to the front!"
  • "Very creative. Very fun. Shows you know how to run a real trade show booth!"
  • From our neighboring booth vendor: "I am sure glad you were next to me! Increased my traffic from all your excitement and traffic of your booth!"

This was on a shoestring budget but here was the simple theme: What are you fishing for? Being as this was the American Society for Quality the answer ~

Fishing for:

  • Quality Products 

  • Quality Ideas 

  • Quality Awards 

  • Quality Service

Cyndi Stout at trade show








Nothing fancy, just fishing garb: nets, poles, fish, seashells, and a hook, A big hook!

Collect pennies from each of the sales people when talking to them about our vast array of products. After collecting your three pennies, you would use them to drop into the fish bowl. If one of your pennies gets inside the shot glass at the bottom, (see the large pretzel jar with blue water?) you win a fabulous prize from Promoz! 

And even if your fortunes didn't befall you with a single penny, you still got a thank you gift of free notepad, pen, or letter opener just for trying!

And every "fisherman", got their very own fish pined proudly to declare "They went to Denver  and went fishing!" wee people fish

 This fish we placed on their trade show badge that hung around their neck.  This stirred even more interest in the crowd. People asking each other,  "Where did you get the fish?"

 We ended up with hundreds of new contacts.

And follow up was easy! Instead of "We met you at the ASQ show along with hundreds of others, bla bla bla..."  We just said, "Hello, we met you at the ASQ Show in Denver. We were the fishing booth".

The response was always the same- "Fun Booth ~ I remember you!"

Cyndi, Chuck, & Jane

Radio Interview from Saturday Business Magazine

in Colorado with Cyndi Stout Owner of Promoz (scroll to the half-way point).

Trade Show Success! 30 tip's talked about in the interview above.


 We have hundreds of different shapes

 of this perfect little trade show piece.

  Best when used with a theme!



We can find a bent pen or
pencil that is sure to fit your
theme or message!




Adhesive notepads. A trade show standard!

Hundreds of shapes, sizes & price ranges.




Microfiber Cleaning Cloths!

Very popular today with all the technology, cleans surfaces without damaging cleaners!






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