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Promotional Products and About Promoz!

  • Have you always used Promotional products as giveaways and handouts and wondering what the results are?
    • How many new clients did you get during your last campaign?
  • Wouldn't you like to make ALL forms of your marketing more accountable?
    • Is that coupon ad really working? Website drawing qualified prospects?
  • Do you know the four secrets to successful promotions? We do!

  • Are you reaching the right prospects? With the right message? With the right product?
    • Can you measure it? Does the item make a prospect, client, or employee react the way you want?
    • Or do you hear- "That is cute- That was nice- How fun - I needed one of these?
    • Do you know the difference in giveaway's and residual marketing? We do!  

These are just a few of the items that we like to discuss with our clients! 

Gone are the days of "Here's the new catalog, what do you want?" We hope that here at Promoz we can help you to uncover your own creative and unique program that will get correct message out, to the right people and achieve your marketing goals! We do not want to sell you a coffee cup, pen or any other item without a plan! Nothing worse than your advertising dollars ending up in a closet, collecting dust! 

We pride ourselves on helping our clients find the right item for the promotion, whether it is a trade show, safety awards, incentive program or referral program. If your not running an actual program - like a Customer Acquisition (also known as GET MORE CLIENTS) we can help! In an industry of 5,000 + suppliers of wildly varying quality, the search for the "cheapest price" often leads to a poor imprinted product, missed deadlines, and worse than anything- a waste of your advertising dollars! 

This site is hosted by Cyndi Stout, the Promoz Team leader in providing promotional solutions to businesses.

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Our office headquarters is located in beautiful Colorado Springs, Colorado. Our team of professional promotional advisors are here to assist you nationwide. 

   Beautiful Colorado Springs   CyndiBlackshirtforWebCyndi Stout, Owner Promoz.com 

With over 25+ year's experience in the promotional products industry, we will do whatever it takes to earn your trust & your business! 

Cyndi has been trained, in part, by David Blaise, author of Sledgehammer Marketing, The Power Of Promotional Products, and The Top Secrets of Promotional Products. This means you will be working with a team of people who are trained in understanding how these items fit into your advertising mix and produce results! 

She would love to share her expertise in these highly proven strategies to help your business gain or keep it's market share!  

Previously, with the Vernon Company, and District Manager for Colorado and Utah, she joined Kaeser & Blair in 2002, to provide even better service and pricing to her clients.

About Kaeser and Blair 

Founded in 1894, we have over 100 years of continuous, uninterrupted operation through two world wars and the Great Depression. Kaeser and Blair is a family owned and operated national corporation with annual sales exceeding 40 million dollars. We are proud of our 3A1 credit rating, the highest available for a firm our size. Written by Dutch Kaeser in the 1937 prospectus, "You won't find any 'shiny pants' executives in our organization, just honest, hardworking folks devoted to your success." 

You'll see why we're so proud to represent this company! 

What this means for you... 

By selecting Cyndi Stout of Promoz and with the longevity and financial backing of Kaeser & Blair, you will receive Essential Products and Exceptional Service, On time- Guaranteed!

Your products will be correctly imprinted, reach the right audience, and create the marketing objective of your company - with no hassles - period! 

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You will find that our focus on building a relationship with you, our friendly customer service and attention to detail, ensures your promotions will go to the next level!

Our goal is to make every imprinted item your business needs, be an item you are proud to hand out and get your desired results! 

Let us earn your trust and your business, by showing you the Power of Promoz today. 

Here's To Your Success,                                                                          

Cyndi Stout,  Owner                                                

Promoz, Promoz.com & Team Promoz


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