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Easter Bunny toy filled promotional

Easter Bunny Custom Promotional Fun Item!

Fun filled Easter items to promote a business, school or church events and generate traffic or to help raise needed funds. Choose from one, or several, of our innovative Easter Promotional Products.

Easter Bunny a fun promotional product!


 Easter Sweepstakes Promotion provides fun & exciting promotional items to help boost sales, increase foot traffic or close a deal. Great for banks; car dealerships; retail stores; restaurants, bingo/casinos; school/church fundraisers & MORE!

Toy-filled Easter Sweepstakes Promotion!

Short hair plush bunny and basket wrapped in cellophane. Includes 500 entry blanks, 1 full color poster, 1 entry box, estimated 10 or more toys included.

Basket filled with today's most popular licensed toys and seasonal games.

Avengers/Barbie/Star Wars/Princess - Stickers

Smurfs/Turbo/Strawberry Shortcake/Pacman Footballs

Wiffle Ball and Bat

Study Kits-Monster University/Monster High/Star Wars Ep 7

15.5” Smurf Assortment Plush

Original Spuzzle Game – Board Game

Tower Puzzles – Spiderman/Angry Birds/Minnie/Princess

30 pcs. Stationary Kit – Spiderman/Disney Princess, Minnie/Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

Disney’s Frozen Puzzle – Frozen 48 pcs. Puzzle

Crayola Glow Chalk Set

Frozen/Minnie/Avengers/Minions/Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Flying Discs

Hot Wheels Classics – Classic Cars

4' Baxter the Bunny with Easter Basket 



 Deluxe Baxter Bunny over 3 Foot Tall Easter Bunny With Toys!


Over 3 Foot Tall Cream Color Plush Betsy the Bunny. Comes with 60% licensed toys and seasonal Easter Accents in the basket. Everything included to run an in-store contest giveaway: 1 ballot box, 500 entry tickets and 1 poster announcing the event giveaway.

Baxter the 3' Cream Plush Bunny

Expires: 12/31/17

World's Largest Toy-Filled Hanging Easter Basket

8 or 6 Feet Tall!


These Hanging Easter Baskets are displayed with purple netting and filled with licensed popular products! Baskets have everything you'll need to conduct a highly successful sweepstakes drawing. 1-2 colorful posters, an entry box and 1000 to 500 entry blanks depending on deluxe or standard. 

Great for all retail stores, banks, restaurants, schools, shopping malls, churches, grocery stores, child-care centers, fund-raisers, auto dealers and fast-food franchises! Incredibly effective!

Deluxe Hanging 8' Easter Basket

Features 90% licensed products.

Standard Hanging 8' Easter Basket

Features 60% licensed products.


Deluxe Hanging 6' Easter Basket

 Features 90% licensed products.

Standard Hanging 6' Easter Basket

- Features 60% licensed products.




Extra 1000 extra blanks $9.92.

Extra window poster $4.08

Extra raffle boxes $4.92

Black and white photo $4.08

Tri Pod Stand  $43.75

Deco kit- Red Garland 8 foot Red Garland & 2 giant red velvet bows $8.32

 Prices above subject to change without notice.

How to Draw a Crowd and Increase Store Traffic! 

Capitalize on this Giant Easter Bunny or Giant East Basket Promotion!

Prospective Benefactors and Hot Marketing Tips:

Consumer Product Manufacturers - They could offer this promotion to retail stores in exchange for increased shelf space - great way to draw consumer attention to a brand.

Retail Stores - These Easter promotions will increase store traffic or drive traffic to a seasonal aisle.

Schools - A knockout of a fundraiser for special projects or as a reward for academic achievement.

Auto Dealerships - Put a Baxter Bunny in the front seat of every family car in the showroom - give one away with each purchase. Or do a drawing from those people who test drive EACH day!

Restaurants - Reward loyal customers with a chance to win this giant prize. Motivate new customers to come to restaurants on kids night by advertising this exciting drawing!!

Groceries and Supermarkets - Use to focus consumer awareness on some in-store promotion or to attract buyers to a particular area or aisle of the store.

Newspaper/Radio Stations -  Newspaper and radio stations can offer Baxter Bunny to local businesses in return for their advertising dollars spent. Have the local paper photograph the winner and sponsor the give-away as part of a community-wide event. It's high visibility and publicity! 

Additional publicity ideas include:

Place an ad in the local paper with the same photo shown above (5'' x 7'' glossy black and white prints available free) along with a reproduction of the entry blank. Send a press release to local papers noting that the lucky contest winner will also win a second Easter Bunny to give to the charity of his or her choice. The more human interest in the event, the more likely the media will report on the story and you will gain more customers.

This page is not intended in anyway to offend anyone who does not celebrate the Easter Holiday. It is merely a product available in our industry.

Sincerely, Cyndi 

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