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Holiday Gift Giving

Holiday Gift Giving Ideas for You and Your Business!

Holiday and Year End Gift Ideas!

The holidays are a time for extending goodwill and thanking loyal customers.The end of the year is a great time to say thank-you for a whole year's worth of service or business!

Everyone anticipates gifts at the holiday season! But gifts and greetings also provide an excellent opportunity to reintroduce logos and brand recognition. They capture the emotion of an event. If you do gifts and your competition doesn't, who will they remember? If your not in the habit of doing client gifts or greetings, your missing out on a superior opportunity to gain and retain more business!


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Planning ahead helps make the intense holiday buying season easy!

It won't be long before the year begins to wind down, spirits begin to run high. In fact, with the holidays fast approaching, now is the time to ask: What kind of holiday items will create the lasting memories, say thank you and fit your budget? At Promoz, we will help you find the right item perfect your your business! That's our job!

But how to decide on the best items?

During the holiday season, determine who your most valuable customers are and give each of them an expensive gift.At the same time, you can give new customers gifts that are less expensive--but have the same theme.

When planning group gifting, there may be uncertainties regarding individual beliefs, likes and dislikes. But, there are questions we can ask to narrow down appropriate choices, including group affiliations, geographical locations and budgets or restrictions. We also suggested focusing on non-religious, tasteful and unisex items and sticking with generic sentiments with universal appeal, such as joy and peace.

Items that have mass appeal are great if you do not know the recipient very well or if the items will be going to several people at one location. Of course, there's more than one way to a customer's heart during the holiday season, one of which is through the stomach. And since the holiday season seems to be exempt from any food restrictions that may have existed during previous months, there's no limit to what customers will appreciate and consume. Gifts of chocolate, popcorn and candy in general fit into the mass appeal category.

Determining your company's market focus is another way for you select appropriate holiday items. For example, if your company is concerned with environmental or health issues, or if it is a non-profit organization, gifts or greetings reflecting these factors will be well-chosen and meaningful.

Let's say you're a bank owner, then chocolate shaped as money signs might be  just the ticket!

  Items related to a specific theme, such as golf or a specific gender--cigars, for instance--are more niche-oriented and will appeal to a more limited audience.

But don't just go buy candy or some other item - you'll make a major error!

Once the candy is gone, it's gone. And if the gift was just so-so tasting, then it will be forgotten soon. Obviously being in the imprint business, we are firm believers in making your memories last, long after the goodies are gone!

To make the most of imprinted gifts, look for products that last beyond the glitz of the holiday season. For example, chocolate cordials in 24 percent lead crystal boxes. After the candy has been enjoyed, the crystal boxes can remain on desks or can be taken home and used as decorative accents.

At Promoz! we only sell food items that are fresh and of the highest quality! As a result, your customer will get a much better impression of you! This is true whether you send a huge 16-oz. chocolate bar with a logo, which will disappear after a certain period of time, or a logo-bearing tin of cookies. Either way, the effect is the same. What we hear is that people remember an outstanding product whether or not something tangible with a logo is left over.

In fact, food gifts are so memorable during the holiday season that they become a tradition for many recipients. We've had cases in which clients who sent out the same gift year after year were questioned by their customers when a different product was sent.

Another great gift idea for the holidays is a simple glass jar filled with chocolates. And if you have a sales force who makes calls on your local clients, the jar can be refilled with different items for different occasions throughout the year, and as such, becomes a year-round profit maker.

Don't want to do food items?

Here's what Procter and Gamble did. They were looking for a high-quality, personal gift that would convey the sincere warmth of the company. They designed a customized cotton tapestry blanket depicting a classic winter motif that Procter and Gamble gave out to more than 60,000 of it's employees. Not only was this an appropriate holiday gift, but it was also a functional product that employees could use and enjoy for years to come.

An imprinted ornament is another popular holiday gift item. Our holiday ornaments are interchangeable, so you can mix and match any top or bottom. You'll be delighted that you have the option to choose or use one of our popular stock designs.

With the frenzy and chaos associated with the holiday's, gifts of relaxation and comfort, such as stress-relieving kits and baskets, can become a welcomed refuge for the frazzled. These types of gifts have become very well accepted. The gift sets are not too holiday specific and, therefore, fit in well with gift-giving for any holiday. They can consist of a mug, a basket or a bag, all of which can be filled with anything from bath and body products to candles, soothing CDs and cocoa. 

Star- and sled-shaped baskets are also available and can be filled with products geared toward the whole family, such as apple cider, biscuits and toys.

Oftentimes, clients find it difficult to select a certain gift for recipients. When this is the case, might we suggest utilizing a multiple selection program. Pick-A-Gift is a program that you decide what price range the gift should be in, and then recipients are given a booklet with up to 80 products in that range from which they choose their gift. You get three bangs for your buck! First, the recipients get the booklet, which is the acknowledgment of the gift. Second, they bring it home and select whichever gift they want, and third, a few weeks later, the gift arrives at their home. And they get something they want!

Some other ideas:

  • Holiday Cards- And Thanksgiving cards really stand out!
  • Musical CD's with your logo on the case and cd
  • Drinkware sets ~ like a mug with coffee!
  • Calendars- the only advertising that lasts 365 days a year!
  • High Tech Items- Cd Players and more!

And if you wait too long, you can always be first by using Happy New Year gifts! You could say 'Thanks for the business last year, we're looking forward to next year". Giving a gift at New Year's does have an element of surprise.

The bottom line is that gift givers have some thinking to do and some choices to make. By getting the ball rolling now, we can give you the best gift of all--a stress-free holiday season.

Whatever types of gifts or greetings you purchase from Promoz, one fact remains--you'll love to give them & your clients will love to receive them! This translates to more business, a surge in profits and a multitude of satisfied customers.




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