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Microfiber Cloths Promotional

Microfiber Cloths Promotional

Microfiber cleaning cloths come in a variety of sizes and packaging options that are popular today in our "Tech Savvy World". Full color imprint on the cloth gives you the freedom to brand your company or product anyway you desire.


Microfiber Screen Cleaning Patches

For cell phones, iPads and laptops and more!

Small "sticky" microfiber products are in high demand today! Great promotional products for cleaning cell phone glass, camera lenses, ipads & computer screen, etc. Low minimums to company mailers & corporate programs.


By placing the these small "sticky" microfiber patches on a personalized card you can get your message out economically while leaving a reminder of your business.

You can find all of our current specials in the link below.


Custom Microfiber Screen Cleaner!


Microfiber Cleaning Cloths

In a variety of sizes and with many options from full color imprint to packaging in clear vinyl pouches printed or not.


Microfiber Cleaning Cloths Link!




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