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Quality Starts with Quality Service!

Quality Promotional Products start with Quality Service!

One procedure we do for our clients is to order a sample from within their order. The supplier will send what is called an over-run sample to us so we can see the finished product. I will request an over-run on some products to reassure myself as well as check up on the supplier of the product to assure the quality of the promotion.



We did these cute cinch sack backpacks for an elementary school that was traveling to Washington University.  Last week, while waiting for my third printer, I won’t name the brand but it’s a good one, I had one of my recent over-run samples arrive and was mortified! The red and black bag was suppose to have a white imprint. But this was Pink! This can happen when not enough ink is laid down on a darker color.  I immediately got on the phone with my home office assistant Amy and explained that although the girls on the trip might think it's cute, the boys are not going to like a pink imprint.

While she contacted the supplier, I contacted the client to let them know that I wasn't happy and that we're working on it. Within four minutes- yes, four minutes, Amy sent back an email that the bags will be remade, and sent overnight at their expense, today!

When the client called me back stating that her packages hadn't arrived yet so she couldn't tell if she approved or not, I confirmed with her to ignore the boxes coming today as new boxes would be there tomorrow. And they will have a white imprint.

She was delighted. Later, she did agree that the pink was not going to be acceptable, so we made the right decision.

The question is, does your promotional products advisor use only reputable preferred suppliers who can make things right fast? When you get an item that isn't 100% to your satisfaction, does your promo expert respond that fast insuring your event goes off without a glitch? If not, give us a try. We provide this type of service to all our clients whether here in the Pikes Peak Region or across our great Nation. PromoZ


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