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Safety Award Program

Safety and Awards Programs

Safety Programs!

An effective safety incentive program is essential in conveying this commitment.

A successful safety training program will raise awareness of safety issues,

create a safety attitude, promote teamwork and provide motivation to

accomplish the established goals!

Safety incentive programs!






The most successful and effective safety programs are focused on proactive solutions. Employees are

rewarded for behaviors that lead to a good safety record. Such behaviors could include making safety suggestions, attending safety meetings, assisting in safety inspections and tours, and reporting “close calls”. Programs that reward and encourage employees in a proactive way produce solid results and long term safety improvement. These activities work to build teamwork and motivation.


Recognition of individual employees and groups are key when the organization’s goals are achieved. Proactive programs result in achieving goals such as the following: work-hours without recordable accidents, months without lost-time injuries, reduction in worker’s compensation costs, etc. These are the results of a safety program and should not be the main focus. Achieving proactive behavior is the focus of the program and awards should be structured to reward that behavior. Achieving the numbers is the “bonus” of a proactive program.

For a safety program to work well, incentives must be distributed fairly. Contests that reward only a few people or those that reinforce the view that safety is a matter of chance or luck should be avoided. Again, rewarding proactive behavior encourages everyone to participate in a meaningful way. In today’s diverse workforce, the incentive awards must appeal to all demographics.

Not everyone is motivated by the same reward. While a jacket or trip may be a sought after reward for one participant, it may have no incentive value for another. At Promoz we offer The Select-A-Gift® program and individual items as well. These offer a wide variety of  rewards for all employees at all levels. In any program, consistency and follow through are crucial.

There should be regular safety meetings and incentives every month. When you implement safety suggestions, correct safety problems as they happen and reward reporting of accidents, the program will work because commitment is demonstrated.

Setting Up a Program

Start with behavior and end with results!

Determine realistic goals and objectives
The goals of reduced injuries, insurance claims and accidents are obvious results of a good safety
program. Determining proactive safety behaviors will lead to these results. Submitting safety suggestions,
100% attendance at safety meetings, regular inspection tours and safety huddles are proactive type activities.
Start your program off with the right promoz item to get attention to the reward program.

Communication is critical to any safety program. Realistic safe man-hour goals or no lost-time injury
objectives should be communicated to everyone involved. Progress on proactive activities such as the
results of safety inspections or minutes of safety meetings should be communicated often and regularly.

Recognize efforts
Most safety programs are ongoing and certain milestones should be recognized. While not the main
objective of the program, these achievements contribute directly to the bottom line. Ongoing recognition
of individuals and groups shows management commitment to employee well-being and the safety program. The value of the reward must match the effort of the achievement.

Be consistent – rewards at each level must be perceived as equal.  

We can help with your Safety Incentive Program

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