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Traffic Builders

Promotional Traffic Builders Ideas!

 How to draw a crowd increase store traffic and create customers!

So, you run an ad in your local paper. You run an ad on the TV or radio. And the phone rings off the hook right?

And maybe it does for a short period. Wouldn't it be great if you can find out exactly who heard your ad?

Can you measure those results? Let's look at a simple plan. 

Let's say you own a retail shop of Men's clothes. You run an ad in the local paper.

And in the ad you say: Come in and see our new selection of Men's shoes.

Either bring or mention this ad and as our Thank you gift, we will give you a FREE bottle of cologne.

So, the ad runs and nothing happens? At least you know that it is not working! You can either DUMP THAT Form OF ADVERTISING or maybe try a different area of that local paper.

Run the same ad in a different medium or publication. And measure those results.

Keep the ones that work, and dump the rest!

If you need the expertise of a Promotional Products Advisor to help you uncover the effects of your advertising, Contact us by email or toll free number. This is how we earn your trust and your business!

How about these ideas:

Easter Bunny Give Away 

Christmas Stocking Give Away 

Halloween Pumpkin Give Away 

Prospective Benefactors and Hot Marketing Tips: 

Consumer Product Manufacturers - They could offer this promotion to retail stores in exchange for increased shelf space - great way to draw consumer attention to a brand.

Retail Stores - The Traffic Builder promotion will increase store traffic or drive traffic to a seasonal aisle.

Schools - A knockout of a fundraiser for special projects or as a reward for academic achievement. 

Auto Dealerships - For example, around Easter, put a Baxter Bunny in the front seat of every family car in the showroom - give one away with each purchase. Or do a drawing from those people who test drive EACH day!

Restaurants - Reward loyal customers with a chance to win this giant prize. Motivate new customers to come to restaurants on kids night by advertising this exciting drawing !! 

Groceries and Supermarkets - Use to focus consumer awareness on some in-store promotion or to attract buyers to a particular area or aisle of the store.

Newspaper/Radio Stations - Your hottest big-buyer prospects. This promotion will increase advertising revenues! Newspaper and radio stations can offer the prize to local businesses in return for their advertising dollars spent. Have the local paper photograph the winner and sponsor the give-away as part of a community-wide event. It's high visibility and publicity!

This in-store promotion comes with everything needed to run an on-sight contest. It includes 500 entry blanks, a ballot box, a colorful poster, and of course, a 4-foot Baxter and his basket of toys. A chance of winning this spectacular prize will draw crowds - guaranteed! Not only will giving away the traffic builder knock the winner's socks off, it will impress anyone who sees the display.




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